Hula Dancers in Michigan

Moena Maiotui on sharing 'Ori Tahiti

The Coconut TV

Sharing Island Love, Life, and Laughter


The Hawaiian Islands

Geography and Culture


Hula Preservation Society

Digital Documentation of Hawaiian History - Great Cultural Resource!

Video Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines

Music, Hula, Nature and so much more on Hawaiian Culture

 Hawaiian Skies - Videos on YouTube - Read Magazine with Videos

Implements &Accessories

Aloha Hula Supply

Myriah's Bazaar


Living Hawaiian Culture

Another great source for classrooms and personal use. Check out their video library.

Kamehameha Publishing

Materials to teach Hawaiian Culture for Classrooms and Home use.


Hawaiian Music (mele) and Hula Archives

Educational Sites

Hawaiian Music for Listening Pleasure

Professor Amy Stillman's Blog site on Hawaiian Music


Hawaiian Dictionary

Na Puke Wehewehe 'Olelo Hawai'i

 Hawaiian Electronic Library

Merrie Monarch Festival

Internationally Acclaimed Hula Competition

Hawaii's Last Queen,


1 of 7 Segments - More segments on YouTube.

Hawaiian History and Culture - See interviews educational videos.


Watch all Merrie Monarch Festival Competition